Guidelines For Water Heater Installation And Repair

09 Apr

 A water heater is one of the most pleasant comforts that the current technology has provided to the human race.  When it is chilly in the morning taking a cold bath is not an option, and that is where the water heart comes in handy.  A hot shower can get rid of oil and dirt in the skin something cold water would not do so well.  Since the water heater has so many benefits people are willing to part with their money to purchase it and install in their houses.

  This article focuses on the factors to consider when installing a new water heater in your house.  Yu have to start with selecting the most suitable water heart for your home. The water heaters are available in two forms, electric and gas-fuelled.  The gas water heater is often less costly than the electric one, but that depends on the area you live in.

 You have no option but to use the eclectic water heart if your house has no gas connection. Confirm the plumbing measurements of the hot and cold water pipes currently installed in the house. This makes sure that you purchase a water heater that properly fits the current house plumbing.  If the fixture in the house is old, you can buy some couplers to make sure that the pipes fit well.  Switch off the gas or electricity before commencing any work on water heater installation.

  immediately you can drain the hot water tank and disconnect the hot and cold water pipes. You can go about draining the water by hooking up a hose to the outlet at the foot of the tank and pour the water outside or in a hole.  Once the old unit is completely emptied disconnected, you may now remove it so that you can create space for the new one. The   next step is to attach any fittings to the current unit such as the temperature and the pressure relief valve if it is necessary.  The next step is to fix the water lines making sure that you do not leave leakages.  Be sure to phone here!

Next you can now connect the unit to the power source of your choice, whether gas or electric.  The gas option has to be accompanied by a flue vent to get rid of the fumes.  After that, you can pour cold water in the new water heater and turn it on.  You can use a water heater tank blanket to insulate the water heart tank.  The insulator makes sure that the water stays hot all the time. It is possible to install a water heater on your own, but it is recommended to hire a professional plumber to do it for you if you do not have any experience in plumbing and repairs. Make sure to click here!

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